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How it works

step 1: Pick an Assistant - From the e-book

Step 2: Setup ChatGPT - Copy-paste for 30 secs in custom instructions or GPT instructions

Step 3: Discover what AI can do for you - use the outcome to save time or enhance your work

Watch the below video to understand how to use this e-book


Q: Is the Ultimate ChatGPT Business suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely. This e-Boook is designed for those new to ChatGPT and seasoned users alike, aiming to save time for busy individuals. It combines Assistants with Business Prompts, making it user-friendly regardless of your ChatGPT experience. Our video tutorial ensures a smooth start, enabling immediate productivity boosts.

Q: Can advanced users still benefit from the e-Book?
A: Yes, even if you're experienced with prompting, the Blueprint adds value by providing a comprehensive system of prompts for all work-related tasks, saving you time and effort in creating your assistants. It's designed for easy application, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in your professional tasks.

Q: Can I purchase a specific role from the 51 Business Assistants & GPTs?
A: This targeted service, allowing you to purchase individual roles tailored to your specific needs, will be available soon. We're working hard to make it possible for you to select and buy just the roles you need for your business, ensuring a more customized and efficient use of our resources. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting feature!